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Riverview Road

In 1994 we found an enormous block of land in Avalon that had a 1960’s timber clad single storey cottage situated at the very rear of the block and we were told by Council that a sub division was impossible for numerous reasons.

Believing that 4700sq metres of land should be subdivided we purchased the block. This block of land was heavily vegetated with spotted gum and cabbage tree palms; however it was severely degraded because of years of neglect, particularly infested with lantana. We added a second storey to the original building and extended it downstairs. This house is clad inside and out with second hand corrugated iron and then we apply our earth renders to the tin. The pictures show the result.

All the colours you see are natural clays there is no paint or oxide used on this house inside and out. This same process has been applied at 48b and 48c. While we were extending this building we were also going through the process of sub dividing the block into 3 blocks. After several years we were successful and we proceeded to build 48b and 48c We have continued bush regeneration over the past years and today the bush is healthy flourishing and the development of 3 houses on this site has not detracted from this bush setting in any way. We were able to complete the development without removing any significant trees.